Painting With Passion Two Day Workshop

Painting With Passion Two Day Workshop

Join acclaimed painter and art educator Richard McDiarmid for a Two Day workshop "Painting with Passion" at the Kube Gallery, spaces are limited so please reserve your space by e-mailing us at or register and purchase a slot here.

Workshop Overview:

Do we know what we want to say in our paintings before engaging in the forming processes? What makes a good painting? Are we aware of why we are actually drawn to a particular subject or reference materials? Does it really matter? Is painting a slavish reproduction of photo reference? Is style really important?

With an accepting and joyful approach to the creative process, we can find our own answers to these questions and others that may challenge us!

This workshop will focus on moving into the painting process with a combination of reference materials such as photos and sketches, concepts or ideas, with an increasing awareness of the relationships that develop on our painting surface(s) as we move through the creative process. This may include spontaneous passages of colour, texture or other visual elements that enhance our unique expression. Perhaps, these developments move away from our original reference materials (ex. photos). How can we use or edit these developments, to our advantage, in completing the painting statement and when is the work finished? All in all, we should enjoy the process on our personal creative journey!

Technical issues related to the chosen paint media (watercolour, acrylic or oils – (choose one only for this workshop) - will be addressed as we develop our painting ideas. Attention will be given to a greater awareness of visual relationships in painting (foundation principles)  including, line, shape, composition and design, edges, color relationships (hue, value, intensity), light structure and passage, and texture or surface qualities.

Instruction will include, visual presentation and examples, open discussion, painting demonstration, and constructive critique.

Workshop participants are encouraged to paint in there own style or chosen direction (ex. representational, semi-abstract, abstract, etc.). Paint in chosen media – watercolour, oil or acrylic.

Bring your own photo references and/or sketches and studies. (please do not bring calendar images or magazine photos)


Suggested materials list:

Note: The following materials are suggested only. All items are not necessary, and individuals may bring whatever materials they normally work with.


Paint: bring those pigments you are normally working with – if you are just starting suggest a simple few pigments like, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, cadmium red light, alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow lemon, cadmium yellow medium, burnt sienna, titanium white, mars black.

Note: ( any solvents for oils should be odorless kind)

Brushes: a variety of sizes in both flats and rounds , (larger brushes for the large surfaces and underpainting) – a few painting knives too.

Paper / Board Or Canvas: good watercolour paper, canvas or masonite depending on the medium you choose to work in. Sizes are not critical – whatever you are comfortable with.

Surface Prep: gesso, gels, mediums, paste or whatever your preference for surface preparation of canvases or masonite – obviously, not necessary for watercolour painters

Palette: whatever you normally work with – throw away palette paper is OK

Easel: a stand up easel is best, however table top easel is OK also.

Miscellaneous: masking tape, paper towels or rags, bull dog clamps, drawing pad and pencils or charcoal, misc. texturing tools, scrapers or pocket knife, containers for water or mediums.