Wildlife Painting With David N. Kitler


January 25th – 27th, 2019 | @ The KUBE Gallery | 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Price of the workshop includes the General Services Tax | $350.00 + 17.50 | Register Online Here

Artists of all skill levels are invited to register for this workshop. Whether you have always wanted to try acrylics, but didn’t know where to start, or if you have already been using this versatile medium, but want to further develop your technique, this is the hands-on workshop for you!  While working on a wildlife subject of your choice (including the family pet!), David will review drawing and painting basics, while also teaching techniques that are specific to painting in acrylics.

You will learn how to recognize the basic shapes that make it easier to draw any subject; how to mix most colours by using a few basic ones; how to achieve smooth gradations; and how to create optical texture by using David’s signature method of applying transparent washes over opaque layers.

Classes will have a maximum of 15 participants, allowing David to give each one a significant amount of individual attention, while fostering an environment where participants also learn from each other. Learning will be further facilitated by demonstrations. Techniques may also be applied to oils.

See more examples of David’s work at http://davidkitler.com

While painting, David has two primary objectives: to bring the “wild” within reach of those who have not had the opportunity to experience it for themselves, and to provide a permanent reminder to those who have.

Register Online to Reserve a spot here

Call to Register: (604) 800-8310

E-mail to register: thekube.square@gmail.com

Workshop Materials List

Pencils: 3H / HB / 3B / Chalk Pencil & stick (White)
Drawing Paper:


Loose sheets or sketchbook
(Paper has to be large enough to contain the image you will paint, at the size you will paint it.)
Tracing Paper: Roll or sheets or pad – buy BETTER quality (not cheapest)
Acrylic Paints: Jar (medium viscosity)

  • Titanium White
  • Payne’s Grey
  • Phthalocyanine Blue
  • Magenta Deep
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium
  • Burnt Umber (optional)
  • Gloss medium
Palette: §   Sablene™ - STA-WET (Mastersons) 8 ½” x 7”

§   Round, white (Richardson™) palette.  It comes with a clear lid and has ten recessed wells to hold fluid paint

§   Egg carton (white Styrofoam)

Brushes: Do not spend a lot of money on these!

Round, with a good point

  • Sablene™ - #2 and #4
  • Taklon™ - #10 or #12

Liner brush #5 (#1 and/or #2 optional, but useful)

Larger (1”) flat brush (Taklon™)

Painting Surface: Two (2) Gessobord™ prepared boards (at least8” x 10”)
Miscellaneous: §   Foam sponges (household style)

§   Eye dropper / spray bottle / eraser

§   Scalpel (X-Acto™ type)

§   Two (2) small containers for water

§   Paper towel

§   Hairdryer

Reference Material: Photos (hard copies)/specimens of chosen subject(s)