Heidi Lambert

Heidi is primarily a realistic and representational watercolour artist who has lived in the Ridge-Meadows area for over 20 years with her family. Heidi describes her works: “my Landscapes and Seascapes are of areas I have gotten to know intimately and some of my favourite subjects are West Coast scenes, I love the ocean and the ebb and flow of the tides. Having a close proximity to water is as important to me as painting, it's what keeps me centered." She describes her work as a designed process; developing from a series of drawings until the result she is after is achieved, then the process of actual painting begins. "I am first attracted to the light and shadow that plays on the subject matter essentially breathing life and spirit into an inanimate thing."

If you would wish to purchase Heidi's works online, or to see more, please visit V [ a - f a i r ].


Autumn in B.C. 16" X 20" Oil
Lake O'Hara 16" X 20" Oil
Spirit Island 16" X 20" Oil